-Providing compassionate, holistic care to persons living with a mental health diagnosis, including dementia requires specialized training. Our expert instructor will equip you with the knowledge and understanding you need to successfully care for this population.

The Mental Health and Dementia classes can be taken separately. We offer these classes every month.

Long Term Care Worker Mental Health: $75.00

Manager Mental Health: $100.00

Long Term Care Worker Dementia: $75.00

Manger Dementia: $75.00

Upcoming Classes:


December 7 Dementia 8am-4:30pm

December 8 Mental Health 8am-12:30pm


Janurary 9 Dementia 8am-4:30pm

Janurary 10 Mental Health 8am-12:30pm



Program Costs 

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Next Classes

Full CNA Program:  

Janurary 8- 26, 2018
 8am - 4:30pm Monday-Friday
February 5-23, 2018
 8am - 4:30pm Monday-Friday
March 12-30, 2018
 8am - 4:30pm Monday-Friday
April 9-27, 2018
 8am - 4:30pm Monday-Friday

24 hour bridge program: 


January 29-31, 2018



March 5-3, 2018

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2. Fill out the application in Word and email to newchapterseducation@gmail.com OR print the completed application and send to: New Chapters in Healthcare Education, 320 W. Spofford Avenue, Spokane, WA 99205.